Clients’ Testimonials

“I am not aware of any better alternative for anyone looking for a development partner to provide class-leading web-based technology solutions.”

Charles Wright, CEO,


“Magic Web provided me with an Technical lead who was available throughout the project and insured quality of communications. Any issues or problems I had were duly logged on this system and promptly resolved. Magic Web’s online project management programme allowed me to follow the development phases step by step. ”.

Anthony P H Martin, CTO, Yava Limited


“With their helpful and proactive approach, working with Magic Web to create our data capture and reporting application has been straightforward and easy. They managed our expectations by providing a realistic time scale and budget, and delivered on time and on budget! We look forward to continuing to develop the CRM with them”.

Philip Brown, Project Manager, Totality UK Ltd


“We are very happy with the software that Magic Web has created for us. It perfectly meets our requirements and helps us to cope with the problems we face. The Magic Web team supports the software promptly and precisely to our demand. I am sure that our collaboration will continue and that the software will be extended to meet future needs.”

Alexej Borzenko, Technical Manager of Bosch-Saratov


“The quality and speed of Magic Web’s response was excellent. Above all, we were very impressed by the technical abilities of the Magic Web team. We strongly recommend the company and will certainly work with them again”.

Chris Finney, MoltenGold Ltd


“The application needed to be easy to use, easily upgraded and simple to maintain. We have achieved this and improved on our original specification through excellent communication between our two companies.”

Mark Doyle,


“The developers who worked on my project were more than friendly and always ready to provide help and assistance, sometimes beyond the scope of the project. We are so delighted with Magic Web Solutions’ work that we have decided to complete all of our projects with them. We could not have found a better team.”
“I would recommend Magic Web to any company requiring web application development.”

Alkis Demetriou, Delteca eDesign and Marketing Consulting Ltd, Germany