How much will it cost?

When discussing your development requirements, our standard approach is to provide a quote based on a detailed specification, which takes into account the hours involved and relevant hourly rates.

However, we are responsive to your business or enterprise’s financial circumstances. We offer a range of options, including some which allow you to pay full figures only if we achieve measurable financial results. Whichever option you select, you can be assured of receiving only our highest quality service.

Reduced initial fees

For developing your application prototypes, testing the initial functionality and demonstrating the concept.

Deferred payment

We can defer part of the payment until the time you make your first sale, achieve a break-even point, or reach another agreed financial landmark.

Fixed monthly budgets

You can establish a fixed monthly budget for software development expenses that suits your cash flow. We will then provide resources to meet your needs at times when you can best utilise your budget.

Share deals

In some circumstances, we can take shares in the company or a percentage of the revenue generated by the project as a part payment.

Software leasing

A software lease works just like a hardware lease. We develop custom software for you under the terms of a standard work agreement. When the work is completed, we invoice and receive payment from a finance company. You make monthly payments for the term of the lease to the finance company and purchase the software for £1 at the end of the lease. The lease term can be from 24 to 60 months. The value of the lease will depend upon how long you’ve been in business and your credit rating. A larger project with several software components can sometimes be financed through multiple leases.

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