A Community Site for Pet Lovers

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The Client

The My Pet Pages website was initiated by Mark Doyle, artist, web designer and owner of 10 dogs and 20 cats. His intention was for pet-lovers in different countries to share their experiences, views and obvious love of animals via personal web pages created on the site, e-postcards and discussion forums.

The Development Challenge

The site required a number of necessary features, some of them being available to any visitor and others only to registered members. Despite complex functionality and services, visitors needed to benefit from a clear and easily learned structure and interface, as well a simple and intuitive navigation. The main functionality included personal photo albums for registered members, a ?light a candle for a lost pet? page, a directory, a personal guest book and important dates reminder, plus a search facility.

Why Magic Web?

Having previously worked with Magic Web on the Art Industri portal, Mark Doyle decided to work in partnership on this project too. As website application specialists, Magic Web had already developed a site framework that could be implemented for the new site. This is distinguished by a clearly defined object-oriented structure in which the core business logic is separated from web page generation, and object roles are thoroughly differentiated. This framework allows Magic Web to develop faster and to support existing products more efficiently.

The Result

Magic Web implemented all the required functionality, together with an admin interface. This allows effective site management, moderation of forum areas, removal of irrelevant material, and completion of other administrative tasks. Technologies used were MYSQL and PHP.

One of the most important features of the portal is the personal domain facility, which allows members to represent their personal albums as separate sites. An easy-to-use web page creation tool is available for registered members, enabling them to create and maintain their personal sites with just two or three mouse clicks. The tool is so intuitive that even a completely inexperienced PC user can handle it without difficulty.

Client Testimonial

Mark Doyle is delighted with the results:

“As with the Art Industri project, My Pet Pages has been a learning journey with the destination surpassing all expectations.”

Mark Doyle