Principles we follow

General principles

Be fair

Fairness is at the heart of our business, it’s how we treat our employees and clients alike. We only pursue a project if it’s mutually beneficial and has a positive outcome for both our client and us. More often this outcome is financially measurable but we understand that intangible benefits and goodwill are just as important in today’s business environment. We won’t just make a decision on a financial outcome though, as sometimes what is fair and financially beneficial will conflict.

Be the best we can be

We realise the disappointing reality that it’s unlikely we’ll ever become the best development company on the planet. We can, however, be the best we can be. We push ourselves constantly to be better, quicker and more efficient. We love trying to be the best, it’s what drives us.

Perfection may not exist but the pursuit of doing our best does.

Be happy

We’re enjoying the journey to be the best. It’s a fact that from happiness comes heightened motivation and positive interpersonal relationships which ultimately leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. By being honest, fair and respectful we are happy.


Principles related to our work

Simplicity and clarity brings power

How functionality is delivered to the user is more important than the function itself; accessibility makes software work.

Being productive

We achieve productivity by cutting communication chains. Small teams of 3 highly experienced people can be as productive as a team of 50 working in a rigid environment with high ceremony process and management overheads. This has been proved time and time again with various .com start-ups.

Objective focused

You won’t wait until the end of your project, just to be disappointed it’s not what you want. We use user interface prototyping and iterative development to get you and your end users involved. We encourage client participation as much as possible, after all we want our client to enjoy working with us.

Being pro-active

We seek to understand your business objectives and offer you technical options at every stage of a project. Our experience in different industry sectors and lots of experimenting in our own projects mean that we are able to find the best technical path to achieving your goals.

Strait talk

We do not hide problems or manipulate none-technical clients. We understand that any software project is a compromise where risks are high but potential returns are enormous. We will educate you about the risk and allow you to mitigate by selecting a better technical strategy. None of our clients’ project failed because of technology – neither does yours.

Great clients—great work

As mentioned elsewhere we are very selective when picking prospective clients, we make sure we are aligned in terms of budget, team size and culture, technical capability and experience to be able to deliver great results.


Please contact us if you have a challanging project in mind!