Why you should consider bespoke software

There are myriad of software solutions to help make yourself, your team and your company more productive from individual to full-scale enterprise software packages. If you’ve been considering enterprise software to maximize your organization’s potential, you have two options: a commercial package (proprietary software with standard features) with a one-size-fits-most philosophy, or bespoke software from a web development company, a custom software solution that is specifically engineered to meet you and your team’s needs. Many bespoke web-based software options are available from php and web development companies throughout the UK.

Looking at commercial packages, you may have run into several options that aren’t quite perfect. Sometimes the software accomplishes what you need it to, but has way too many bells and whistles, increasing the learning curve and possibly decreasing productivity. Other times the software has many or all of the features you need, but can’t be easily configured to work with your current processes or customized to get those final necessary features.

Further still, you might be considering a product that has planned updates and new features coming that would be critical to increasing your efficiency, but you have no control over when or how the developer releases these updates. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it is worth considering a bespoke software solution from a UK web development company.

Benefits of web-based bespoke software

Direct Relationship with Developer

When you work directly with a php software development company, you have more control over how quickly your custom product is released. You can give feedback and input during the development process based on how well certain features will meet your needs. A developer commissioned for a custom software solution will be working directly for you and will have a thorough understanding of your business and its processes, keeping those in mind as they design your package.

In addition to working within your requirements, a bespoke php developer can draw on their prior experience to suggest functionalities that you may have overlooked or didn’t even know were possible. Most importantly, though, the custom software solution will be able to blend seamlessly into the way you do business, adapting to your needs and not the other way around.

Bespoke Support

When you get bespoke software, you get the support from your web developer that comes with it. This means you don’t have to wait with the masses for the next update or spend time filtering through FAQ sections and message boards trying to find a help article that most resembles your problem. Your developer will have an intimate knowledge of what you are trying to accomplish and how your bespoke software can achieve that, helping them to quickly and effectively address any issues that may arise.

Software that adapts with your needs

Part of a truly custom solution is having software that meets your current needs and can expand with your growing business. If you purchased a commercial package, a growth in your business may mean upgrading to a different package level that greatly outpaces your corporate needs. Conversely, a bespoke solution will allow you to commission new features that help your business adapt and grow easily.

Save time teaching staff

Without the extra bloat of unwanted features, a bespoke solution will be easy to teach to your staff. By working with your developer from the ground up, a custom software package will integrate with your existing systems instead of forcing you to alter your workflow to a commercial software package.

What to look for in a bespoke software developer

Access to source code

One of the biggest selling points of a good web developer, especially in the UK, is transparency, and that includes access to the php source code. This allows you to maintain control over your project and holds the developer accountable.

Examples of previous work

You should never choose any software sight unseen, especially a bespoke web-based software solution. This means seeing multiple examples of a developer’s work, preferably in action. You are also going to want references for their work. An example may show you a great software package, but the other part of the equation is understanding how well that software met the specifications and needs of the client, as well as what the web developer was like to work with.

Understand the investment

Whether you’re getting a commercial package or commissioning a bespoke solution from a php development company, enterprise web-based software is an investment, so it helps to understand exactly what you’re getting for you money with each of the options available to you. A cost-benefit analysis will help you understand which option best meets your needs and if a custom solution is right for you.

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