.NET, Java or PHP?

You want a bespoke web application to be developed, whether to automate your business or to create a new service or portal on the web. Which technology should you go for? There are three mainstream technologies for building web-based applications: .NET, Java and PHP. If you approach different web development companies and each of them advocates that the one they use is the best, which one should you listen to?

You might browse the internet to find the answer, but most articles comparing technologies are written by technical people for technical people.

My advice is (unless your budget is over a million, and you have a substantial investment to make in a feasibility study): do not bother about the technology itself. Find a good team and go with the technology this team is proficient in. There are too many factors contributing to the success of a web software project and for most projects technology is not a major one.

Application security, reliability and performance will depend on the ability of your developers to design and develop with security, reliability and performance in mind – it’s as simple as that.

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