Web Development Services: Outsourcing or Using a Team In-House?

Is it really worth to have in-house team providing web development services?

When a company and business embark on a software/web development project for any purpose whatsoever, there are usually only two options to choose from: outsourcing or hiring in-house.

On the surface, hiring an in-house team or individual to do the work is the more convenient option. But there is an extremely lengthy list of considerations and truths beyond the initial outsourcing pay per day (or any other time unit) vs. in-house labor comparison.

Hiring in-house – does it really worth it?

At first sight, a team or individual working at your premises may have a better grasp of your business, requirements and project specifications and instant feedback and cooperation with them will be easier, but there are much more things beyond to consider.

Hiring in-house requires you to allocate a substantial amount of resources to overheads including taxes, allocate a substantial amount of resources and/or your and your employees’ costly time to the recruitment process whether executed personally or via agents etc. This put together with a countless other administrative expenses (e.g. sick days, holidays, training, R&D etc), the severe business loss involving hiring the wrong people and more, sheds a new light on hiring in-house manpower, especially when compared to outsourcing a software or web development project to a company such as Magic Web Solutions.

After a year or more worth of salary paid to an in-house worker or team who may or may have been capable to cooperate with your none technical staff and/or individual teammates, there is always the possibility you’ll discover fatal bugs and idiosyncrasies in the underlying software architecture. That has the potential to undermine the entire operation. Furthermore, in the case you preferred to employ one programmer or developer, he or she may find it extremely difficult and exceedingly time consuming to correct their own bugs, even if tremendously trivial, as Matt or Lea may even go as far as searching the forums for an answer during their working hours.

Outsourcing compared to in-house hiring

When all aspects of hiring in-house workers are put together outsourcing may appear the more favorable option.If a supplier is chosen wisely, that will be the case more often than not. While a team or individual working for a none-technical company on a software or web development project may not be capable to operate ideally, an experienced, professional and reputable software/web development company is usually the opposite.

In general terms, contrary to in-house workforce positive outsourced technical operation will only charge you for the time spent working on their assigned project. Thus, the benefits of a technical company may also be expressed in terms of increased speed of delivery and quality of work.

In addition, the technical company experience as mentioned above conveys itself in the form of expertise gained from work with other none or not inclusively technical companies such as yours. Due to the fact you’d pay per time and not per individual outsourcing, you would receive the value of multiple talents proficient in a wide-ranging selection of relevant technologies; something which also realizes itself in greater functionality, quality, speed etc.

What is the cold hard benefit and difference?

Thanks to the experience of a truly excellent software/web development company working with businesses similar to yours and the abundance of collaboration tools available on the market, an outsourced technical talent can professionally grasp all your requirements, specifications, dictations and agenda as effectively as an in-house staff. Furthermore, thanks to advanced test servers for example – something we also utilize – you can timely observe, feedback and review work executed from your very own desk.

Overall, outsourcing a software or web development project is the preferable option for most if not all reasons. It allows you to significantly cut costs, increase efficiency and minimize risks, increase quality and more, all in addition to benefiting from all of the advantages of an experienced, professional and talented in-house workforce – something that’s often hard to come by.

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