Bespoke Software Development: Personalized Software that is Optimized for Your Needs Only

Magic Web delivers all kinds of personalized software and apps

Think of the possibilities. Software written specifically for you to make your life easier. No longer would you have to figure out how to adapt a program to do what you want it to do and sift through all the applications that are not relevant to YOU. No longer would you have to spend hours evaluating a software platform to determine if it even has any relevance to what you need.

You may wonder if such a luxury would be affordable to you and if you would have the technical expertise to support and implement such a thing. Large corporations with their own engineers, high level support people and big budgets have developed their own in-house software, but even a small business without high level support and big budgets can design their own applications with relative ease and it’s not so unreal as you might think. The basic requirements for any small business to develop in-house software is understanding the process and how to allocate resources to get the job done.

Reaching out beyond your business and to your clients

Once you have simplified your own in-house software applications, you may take a look at your clients and see a software application that you can provide for them and create a new revenue stream for your business. There are major differences between creating an in-house software application and a “software as a service” product, but in-house development gives you experience and first hand knowledge of all the ins and outs of the application that would be invaluable for marketing it, and put you ahead of the game.

Setting Priorities and Limits

No matter if you desire a large scale company wide automation software, or an application specific program, in the planning stage for development one must determine what the specific goals and priorities are. While anything is theoretically possible, focus on what is the most important and build on that.

Magic Web Solutions

The path described above is our path totally. Magic Web Solutions grew out of a small team of developers that wanted to create something worth. There were many failing attempts before we made something that we liked, but during that time we gained experience that helped us to establish solid company that provides clients with services that they particularly demand. We can develop custom software/apps that will suit the needs of your company.

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