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Software for project management built by bespoke software development company is the key to success

Software for project management makes a big class of applications, which can be either standalone (desktop) or web-based. Project management is a complicated task, so the software programmed to schedule, track, control, allocate resources and otherwise support the project on the various stages of its implementation has to include diverse and sophisticated functionality.

There are currently a lot of project management solutions available on the market; Wikipedia has a comprehensive comparison table. As you can see, most of those solutions are proprietary, and of those few available under the open source license still fewer have the complete set of functionality you might expect to find in a high-quality project management program. The chances are, even with the most advanced proprietary system you’ll still find certain necessary features lacking, which will suggest ordering a bespoke system.

Some of the project management solutions that exist focus mainly on project planning and scheduling and don’t provide enough functionality for the tracking stage. Others, on the contrary, concentrate mainly on project tracking. There are standalone and web-based solutions available. Of course, the web-based option presents usual benefits as well as drawbacks of web software: there’s no need to install any special software to access the data, and it’s possible to work with the application from any computer anywhere in the world, but on the other hand, the Internet connection is essential, and security considerations become more critical.

The tasks that full-scale project management application should be available to solve are as follows:

  • Scheduling
  • Issue tracking
  • Project portfolio management
  • Resource management
  • Document management

Not all existing solutions have all the features presented – so any business could make choices and define priorities. But as mentioned above, certain kinds of businesses – e.g. medicine related – might find it necessary to order bespoke solutions for managing their projects, due to specific requirements existing in some industries.

Investing in the wrong kind of project management software (either too simplistic or too sophisticated) can become a total loss to your budget; investing in the right kind will save thousands for you in the long run. That’s why it’s important that you make a thorough research of existing solutions, as well as into the feasibility of ordering a bespoke application, before you actually buy.

We have built our own online project management software – Kanbanchi – that already has more than 70 000 users all over the world (and the number is exponentionally growing). It’s key benefit is tight integration with Google Drive that makes it a part of Google ecosystem and makes it very easy to login and start using the tool. All you need is your Google account. Having our own collaboration platform developed gives us a lot of customisation options. We can create a bespoke solution for your business at a reasonable price, because we can use our own system as a basis for future development.

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