Web Application Development Experience: Threads – an easy web-based project management system.

Bespoke project management system development that led us to success

Chapter 1

“Do not make me think!” exclaim leading usability experts.

How do we make a project management application simple and easy to learn?
Make it look & behave like something familiar, something you’ve used before.
That’s where the idea came from.

We called it Threads because it resembled a threaded discussion forum. It just happens that a list of forums coincide with a list of project, and threads have some additional properties, so they can be worked with as tasks, project issues or elements of content.

There are a number of good Project Management software packages, open source, and hosted solutions. But most of projects that small businesses run do not need that a complex information management, that is why most of people resort to managing a project issue list in an excel document, which is bounced around and updated, tasks are sent and reported on via e-mail.

Threads was the next logical step from an Excel table with project issues.

Chapter 2

We moved forward last 5 years and made a completely new platform out of Threads. We called it Kanbanchi, because it implements Kanban methodology for managing workflow. While it consumed the best from it’s prototype, we added many features crucial for project management. It allows our new collaboration platform to be suitable for managing almost any projects that an organisation might ever have.

Having our own collaboration platform developed gives us a lot of customisation options. We can create a bespoke solution for your business at a reasonable price, because we can use our own system as a basis for future development.

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