Threads – an online collaboration, information and project management tool.

The story started with Threads – online collaboration platform.

It was designed to help organisations to keep track of tasks and issues when running projects or operations. It could be also used as a content or knowledge management system to store and disseminate information within your organisation. Threads was designed with none-technical users in mind. It is intuitive to use, and requires virtually no training at all.

The reason we called this application “Threads” because it resembled a threaded discussion forum. However this application had some differences from a typical discussion forum and those differences made it so suitable and flexible for information management purpose. Each thread had various properties that are used for classification purpose and for providing a basic work-flow. Every thread also had per person access permissions and e-mail notification.

We moved forward last 5 years.

We used Threads as a prototype for the new online tool Kanbanchi, because it implements Kanban methodology for managing workflow. While it consumed the best from it’s prototype, we added many features crucial for project management. It allows our new collaboration platform to be suitable for managing almost any projects that an organisation might ever have.

Kanbanchi can be used:

  • In project management as task and issue tracking tool
  • For storing and disseminating information (as document or knowledge management system)
  • For collaboration: internal discussions, announcements, and building a wiki-like content.

Having our own collaboration platform developed gives us a lot of customisation options. We can create a bespoke solution for your business at a reasonable price, because we can use our own system as a basis for future development.

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