Bespoke Application Development Experience: What is My Movie List?

If our new web application was a movie…this would be the ‘pitch’. The ‘sell’.

And we wouldn’t be web developers, no; we’d be the young, cocky scriptwriters, sure in the knowledge that we had the next box-office smash.

You? You’re the producer in the loud Hawaiian shirt drinking Margheritas, sunning yourself by the poolside (no offence, the shirt looks good on you). But – you’ve seen it all before and you need persuading. We get that.

Two sides of the same fence and…yet we’re not so different – you love the movies, we love the movies.

Meet the hero: an online service, which gives you an opportunity to set up lists of movies, arranged according to particular categories.

Is there a love interest, you ask? Why yes, yes there is – it’s the movies you love. Films you can watch time and time again. Films which you’re sure your friends would like – maybe they’re films you’ve watched together with your friends.

What’s the plot? The plot is simple, but engaging. We know you love movies and you want to share that love. But you want to find more movies that you’d love to watch – and this is where the plot develops.

You invite your friends (think of them as the supporting cast!), you recommend the films you know and love to them and they do the same for you. Pretty soon, you’re on a quest to see new films, to boldly go…sorry, we’re getting carried away.

But you get the idea – My Movie List is a place where you can share films and discover new ones.

And like your favourite director, you’re in control. You can add movies, create custom lists – anything you don’t like ends up on the cutting room floor!

Thanks for your time. See you on My Movie List!