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Issue tracking software from bespoke software development company

Perhaps you are running a web development company, or other business that needs project issue tracking software.

You might have already researched a few off-the-shelf issue tracking software packages (there are a number of open source (free) and commercial versions available). If so, you’ve probably discovered that one size doesn’t always fit all.

An alternative option is a web based issue tracking software system using a subscription model and provided as on-demand. This option is the fastest way to get you up and running, but also has the downside of being limited in terms of flexibility of configuration and ownership.

Likewise, the cost and time associated with producing your own issue tracking system may prove too much of a risk, or you simply don’t have the skill-set in-house to meet the challenge.

Here at Magic Web we understand your organisation has a unique culture, with processes and needs to match. We deliver customised issue-tracking software developed specifically to match unique business needs. The software can be installed and run on your server, or hosted by us. Bespoke doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth either, as our software is built from a solid framework/platform application with generic functions and work-flows already in place.

We can deliver customised applications starting from just £3000, with hosting starting at £75.

If you have an application in mind, need advice or simply want to discuss your options – contact us today.

What is an issue tracking system?

An issue tracking system is a software package that helps to work on  lists of project issues. Issue tracking systems are used both for project management and for customer support  to log, update, and resolve reported customer issues. It is common for a customer support issue tracking system to contain a knowledge base of solutions relating to typical issues raised by users.

An issue tracking system is closely connected or related to a bug tracking system used on software development projects. Bug tracking and issue tracking systems are very similar in both functionality and work flow, so many software packages are used interchangeably.

However beware of issue tracking tools that claim to be all things to all users. This is usually at the expense of the specific function for which you purchased the software in the first place.

For example, a tool that is positioned as a combination issue tracking and defect/bug tracking tool may perform poorly in relation to defect tracking. Trying to get the reports you need or input all the information you want could prove a fruitless task. In this case even an Excel spreadsheet can work better.

For many orgainsations a customised tool is the way forward. We specialise in delivering bespoke project issue tracking software at a competitive cost.

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