How do I get started?

Two things will eventually determine your choice of supplier:

1. Do you like the people?
2. Is the price right?

We believe we can answer both of these questions without generating a lot of paperwork.

Our 3-step project process

Step 1

An introductory telephone call or a meeting to determine the scope of your project, that our skills are a good fit for your requirements, and that our respective working styles match up. Then if we like each other…

Step 2

We investigate and discuss the scope of your project in more detail. That might take a day or a week. It could involve conversations that build on your idea and consider the “bigger picture” of implementation options. And deliverables could include wire-frames, design concepts, use cases, data models or other project-dependent elements. This work is charged on a time and materials basis.

If you require adherence to a formal project process, then we are more than happy to complete the required documentation. But we will focus on quality not quantity, with an emphasis on price/timeline, and relevant skills and experience.

Step 3

You hire us for 4-6 weeks to deliver a first iteration, and we can demonstrate our capacity, proficiency and productivity. We aim to deliver value from day one, and continue developing and improving your software from iteration to iteration, for as long as you want us to.

If you just want to get started, contact us now!