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CloudSecure by Lalit Kale-ATechieThought

Basically, right now we use authentication mechanizms like user name and password or solutions like openId. But insted of that ,What my idea is to build a service solution which will provide fingureprints as authentication mechanism for multiple websites and it will also integrate with solutions like OpenId.
15-Feb-2011 [18:02] Lalit Kale-ATechieThought
Hi Alex, I understand that it's not a typical ewb application.But,again you can look it up as infrastructure web service/application.What end-user will do is just scan his/her fingerprint and supply it with OpenId or OAuth.so basically, we are associating identity with its validation mechanism here. At later stage, when user want to login to any website which provides fingerprint authentication, they can ask user to scan his finger and utilizing webservice and validate with fingerprints that are recorded at the time of registration with Fingerprint authentication service. Advantages to end user: 1. Secure since no keyed input. 2. Federated Unique identity that can not be easily matched with another user. 3. User can not forget which is major disadvantage with usernames and passwords. Nowadays, many laptop manufacturers give fingerprint scanner built into it.
14-Feb-2011 [19:12] Alex@MagicWebSolutions
Hello Lalit, i think this is looking interesting, but how you'd grab the fingerprints? I guess it'd require some USB scanner so not really a pure web application. cheers, Alex

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