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Drop to kindle by Tim

Web-based software that can convert the most commonly used ebook formats to the .prc file that is accessible, for download, through the kindle web browser. The application should provide up to 25gb of cloud-based storage with the ability to upgrade at a reasonable fee. The key files to convert are chm, html and pdf, as these are the most difficult to convert to the prc format without compromising the books integrity This application would provide a service that had no competition and a definite market.

15-Feb-2011 [07:46] Alex@MagicWebSolutions
is it Kindle2 you have?
14-Feb-2011 [22:19]
They will not convert chm files. If you send them a pdf it will be returned a jumbled mess. The whole point of this proposal is to be able to download files from the cloud through kindle's browser. This way your files are accessible on-the-go, unfortunately the kindle will only download one type of format. I've converted about 15 of my pdf files to the prc format and have successfully retrieved them via google docs but converting the files is a painstaking ordeal because,currently, there is not an application available for this specific function. Tim
14-Feb-2011 [19:22] Alex@MagicWebSolutions
Hi Tim, Why do you think Amazon service to send emails and then downloading via USB is not convenient

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