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Firefox Ad-On for Integration of Social Media Browser tabs by JForbis

So I noticed on the train the other day that a guy leaving Google had his lap-top up watching a video. Well, I couldn't help but watch the video and noticed that in Firefox, his tabs looked like this: Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter. Hey...that's what my tabs often look like. Later that day, I saw another person on the train with similar tabs going in Firefox. Well, it's easy enough to bookmark my tabs in the browser and set up FF to remember all my login creds for each site. However, the tabs begin to overwhelm my "top of browser" real-estate and I have to click on each of them (right click mind you) to load as a new tab. I then have to submit my log-in credentials.

Here's my idea. Take all the common email/social media sites: Gmail, FB, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, etc and integrate them under one umbrella or tab. The end-user can then set up the log-in credentials one time (for each social site they set up in this app). They can then have one (1) tab in their browser entitled "social favs" or whatever they name it. When they fire up their browser, they can then click the tab, it will ask for one time login/auth via a button...and then launch all the tabs across firefox...logged in and ready to go.

Simple, efficient, and manageable.
16-Feb-2011 [19:47] jforbis
Thanks for your feedback. Ideally, there would be one section dedicated to setting up all of your "favorite" sites. You would then (if necessary and Firefox already didn't have the logs/passwords in memory) set up the log in for each site. Once you "saved" your profile of favorites, then all you would need to to is click on one separator in the top of your browser, it would then launch all of the tabs for your site. It will ask you once to submit a login (this would be a universal one you set up in the app...and Firefox can even remember this one as well) hit a submit button and all your sites will launch...logged in....and away you go. No more having to save/quit each time, no more having to click on the different separators in the top of the browser....just click one and your off. As well, you could always add new sites to your profile of favorites.
16-Feb-2011 [17:48] James
I like the idea, but if they are loggin in manually into different apps using tabs in Firefox, means they are quite reluctant to research how to achieve the same with less effort. There are many apps that can work with multiple social networks. For example in tvitdeck you can arrange info coming from multiple social networks in a customized manner and login automatically. The same can be achieved with Flock for example. And if they are not using those, how come you find them and "sell" them the firefox plugin?

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