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Get on Your Way with the Freeway Finder! by Erin M.

Never be late again to that important destination! The Freeway Finder application would be a great way to plan ahead before any trip in any unknown area.

It would specifically highlight down to the lane you need to be in for easy freeway access. Also while pinpointing noticeable landmarks you should be passing nearby. You will need to choose the freeway name/number and direction(N,S,E,W) of the final destination for this application to work efficiently.

The Freeway Finder also works much differently than a navigation system for it will be much more precise as a guide for travelers through the interactive map! Included extras are instant updates of Freeway closures, traffic news and number of lanes to help you always find your way on and off those busy freeways with ease.

The Freeway Finder should be available all throughout the United States. This new web app can shave minutes to hours off your trip so if your heading to an appointment, visiting a friend, a shopping mall or just driving on an unfamiliar road you can feel 100% certain you know where you are going from the start to make a timely destination at it's end!
16-Feb-2011 [17:59] James
Not sure if this is new, and not improvement of existing navigation system and online route planners (google maps). What would be good though is to make sat navs more "open" and web-connected with APIs etc - so people can extend their capability.

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