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Move Anywhere, Work from Any PC by Developer

The worst times I feel in developing an app are the ones when I'm being relocated or my PC has been changed. It starts from installing java, IDE (Eclipse), configuring the path, checkouts and so on.
It will be a real pain-killer if a full-fledged online development environment is available. Online editor just like a desktop one(fast plus all features), your own copy of code available to you at any time from any machine...wow! Check-in will mean code moving from your private copy to the shared branch.
Whoa, no worries and time spending on configuration! Move anywhere, continue coding from anywhere!!
13-Apr-2011 [12:42] mihai
nice concept. this is one concept that I think about it for a year but still not started. maybe this year :)
28-Feb-2011 [06:10] Sumit
Nice concept.

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