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'NappKIN' - Mobile/Tablet based childrens virtual character by Heybridge1

Accessible for free via smartphones / tablets, a virtual character that can be created from scratch using pre-supplied templates. Feed, love and play with your NappKIN and receive controlled messages from it advising on what is needed to make it happy. Utilising Kindle type technology, allow users (children - 7-12 years approx) to create stories and publish them about their NappKIN - pure fantasy, fun and excitement stories and the advertures their NappKIN get up to. Stories are checked prior to publication and subscribers can vote for their favourites to encourage children to learn to write stories. Commercial opportunities offer publication rights to create children's stories available online and licencing of toys and associated products. It's all about the enjoyment of reading, writing and fun - incorporating potentially English lessons in schools and so on.
16-Feb-2011 [17:54] James
What is NappKIN? - a human, an animal, or virtual nobody? Maybe it should be real creature like a dog or a plant. There are a few apps like that. But no story telling behind them - that might be a good add-on!

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