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As an avid RSS reader (nearly 200 feeds) I am always trying to find a new way to organize and de-clutter my reading bin. I would love to see a chrome or firefox add-on to Google reader that uses one of the Semantic web APIs (like OpenAmplify or similar) to help me separate the wheat from the chaff. Similar to the way Pandora figures out what kind of music I like by my thumb up-ing songs, I would love to have only the relevant articles pop up. I could also see this being a standalone web app like "Reeder."
16-Feb-2011 [18:20] Dave
Agreed. Using OpenAmplify and layering it with other relevant info -google readers, stumleupon, digg, etc, could make something really powerful.
16-Feb-2011 [18:08] James
Pandora uses complex technology and fair amount of human input. copied from http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/digitalmedia/2006/08/17/inside-pandora-web-radio.html "Westergren started the Genome Project from the idea of creating a platform for connecting people with music that they'll love based on music they already enjoy. The project uses experts called "music analysts" to deconstruct music into its fundamental parts and capture the results into a database. Pandora has 40 professional musicians who come to the office every day and listen to one song at a time, analyzing each in anywhere from 200 to 400 dimensions. (The dimensions are somewhat different for each genre of music.)" Using OpenAmplify might be a good idea. Also perhaps connecting to digg, stumble upon, so look for people with similar interests and rank your own feed appropriately

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