Custom-built project issue tracking software.

You might have already researched a few off-the-shelf packages or web based (on-demand) software, discovering quickly that one size doesn’t always fit all. Likewise, the cost and time associated with producing your own solution may prove too much of a risk, or you simply don’t have the skill-set in-house to rise to the challenge.

Here at Magic Web we understand your organisation has a unique culture, with processes and needs to match. We deliver customised issue-tracking software developed specifically to match unique business needs. The software can be installed and run on your server, or hosted by us. Bespoke doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth either, as our software is built from a solid framework/platform application with generic functions and work-flows already in place.

We can deliver customised applications starting from just £3000, with hosting starting at £75.

If you have an application in mind, need advice or simply want to discuss your options – contact us today.