Mobile website = speedy website

Craig Faulkner of Financial Planning has named three important factors that will help a website do well on mobile phones. It’s not to be denied that mobile phone users are these days an important and huge part of the whole web audience – and more smartphones are expected to be sold next year. So websites that don’t display properly on such devices certainly lose out. And the second of the three factors named by Craig is speed.

When I am on my mobile device I expect things to go fast. If I have to wait even a full minute for something to materialize on a site, I may never come back.

That’s what he says in his article published on 12 September 2012, adding that the readers’ clients feel the same way about it. Well, we couldn’t agree more. One of his suggested recipes for speeding up website on mobile is using HTML 5 instead of Flash for videos. There are other ingredients, of course, and some of them will be highlighted in our future posts. Stay tuned.