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Bespoke online collaboration software development is what we specialise in

Giving your business convenient and immediate access to company resources/assets via collaboration tools can be a very important step in maintaining profitability, increase productivity and sustain a desired level of efficiency, but it may not be an easy task to carry out. Your business operates in its own unique way, which means it requires tailored, remotely-accessible, dynamic and powerful collaboration software developed according to your requirements to answer its needs, rather than a generic off-the-shelf product designed to target the market, and not your needs. This is especially true in light of the fact subscription-based business collaboration tools for example can cost unreasonable amounts every quarter.

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Bespoke web-based collaboraton software

We here at Magic Web Solutions understand you operate in your own distinguished circle, which means your business requires a set of collaborations tools and web-based collaboration software in the same quality to match. We offer you – for the highest value available on the market – bespoke and customized collaboration software developed to specifically answer even your most specific requirements.

Whether it’s highly encrypted remote access functionality for yourself and your staff, secure online storage, online document sharing and more, we specialize in developing custom web-based software, and we have a client portfolio to match. The finished product can either be installed on your server or hosted on ours, as you are assured to receive the greatest value for your investment: we build your project upon an existing framework or platform application with generic functions and workflows already in place, enabling us to maximize value, reduce time in comparison to developing from scratch etc.

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In light of the productivity-increasing effects high-quality and efficient web-based bespoke collaboration software of the sort we deliver carry, the incorporation of such software into your business has more than just one aspect to it. To begin with blueprinting a product based on what the competition has or what the latest industry trends are may not always be the ideal choice to make. You should always research your operation and employees first as well as the competition to consider what your business truly requires on the wider outlook. Only then you can optimally choose what is the ideal online storage capacity you’d require for your in-house collaboration needs, which collaboration tools would be advantageous for example and which would not etc..

Once you know which specific functions are ideal for your operation’s increased productivity and efficiency, the next step is implementation. Quality bespoke software of the type we deliver, whether web-based collaboration software or not can be specifically built to suit your technical and human operations. For example, a none-customized product may not be efficiently incorporated into the mechanized aspect of your business, whereas an over technical product may require precious time and towering extra costs.

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Bespoke Web-based Collaboration Software’s True Value

Magic Web Solutions for example specializes in developing software for your business’s most specific requirements. If it’s collaboration and increased productivity you’re after, we’re simply the rational and ideal choice in this field too. We provide you simple results, potentially rapid yield and extremely high value, which means you can further organize, increase the efficiency and even increase the motivation of your employees (by cutting unnecessary activities such as stressfully going back and forth around the office for ‘manual’ collaboration) and more.

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