Benefits of Working with Magic Web Solutions | for Web Design Agencies and Media Agencies

Benefits of Working with Magic Web Solutions for Web Design Agencies and Media Agencies

Boost expertise without extra staffing

We can take the most challenging software development off your hands. In this way, you can draw on development expertise without increasing the payroll. Your project turnover is reduced, although you’re actually achieving a higher throughput.

Enhanced project management and communications

A good business relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the partners’ services and needs. We are able to provide such effective development outsourcing services because we possess direct experience of web design agencies and the needs of their clients.

We will support your project management by providing a framework of structured communications and regular reporting. We will:

  • help you to control the scope of the project and therefore deliver to the best satisfaction of your client,
  • help you to break a complex project into working functional parts,
  • swiftly deliver prototypes and demos, so that initial feedback can be secured from your client, and
  • provide you with detailed and regular progress reports and updates on the project timeline.

Throughout the project’s lifetime, you will be able to communicate directly with your assigned project manager and developers via e-mail, instant messenger or phone.

High service quality – reduced risk

You might have previous experience in building enterprise level applications. Perhaps you have worked with freelancers and outsourcing companies before, and have found their service lacking, unreliable, or too expensive.

Magic Web Solutions is different. With our advanced development frameworks and optimised processes, your work is completed swiftly and efficiently – we have already developed an extensive depository of reliable, ready-made code that has been tested in over 40 web-based applications.

Flexible working arrangements

Magic Web Solutions offers you a choice of the following three relationship structures.

  1. We can act on your behalf and communicate directly with your clients, with our relationship remaining completely confidential.
  2. We can remain completely behind the scenes, once again keeping the relationship confidential.
  3. We can work alongside you as your technology partner, taking responsibility for all client contact and communication. In this instance, we will pay you a percentage of total project revenues.

Our contribution can be tailored to your budgetary requirements, too. We offer flexible financial arrangements that are shaped to individual projects – in some circumstances, we even waive all up-front fees.

Our guarantee

Whichever relationship structure you select, we will:

  • provide you with a clear detailed brake down of features and hours/cost involved,
  • deliver the application based on a fixed cost,
  • manage all the risk associated with development and deployment,
  • ensure application reliability, scalability and extendibility,
  • assure you of security and data integrity, and
  • manage complicated hosting arrangements and server administration tasks.

We deliver an agency level of support at freelancers’ fees, guaranteeing you a substantial profit margin on every project.

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