Custom time tracking software

Using Java and MySQL for creating bespoke time tracking software solutions

Finding a more efficient alternative to the good old time clock that will specially suit all of your business needs may appear simpler in this digital era, but it often times isn’t. In case you’ve done some research of your own, you’ve probably discovered that despite the abundance of open-source and commercial time tracking software, time management software and numerous others, one size doesn’t always fit, which is why bespoke time tracking are time management software is usually required.

Here at Magic Web Solutions, we specialize in developing the time tracking tools you need, and not what ‘we’ have to offer.

Providing the highest value for your investment available on the market, we can help you replace the time clock and inconvenient ‘universal’ software time tracking for a more efficient, more reliable, more powerful and more accurate web-based time tracking solution developed according to your exact demands and requirements. The time tracking software we develop, whether manual timesheets centered only, payroll- integrated and/or report generating can be installed on your servers or hosted by us, managed to suit all of your relevant business needs optimally.

The necessities time tracking software should ideally answer vary from business to business. Thanks to the fact our tracking software is built on an existing solid framework or application platform with generic functions and workflows already in place, we can increase the value of even the highest return for your investment, which we do deliver.

If you require tracking software that can be fully incorporated into your entire fiscal system from payroll to accounting while reducing spreadsheet margins to an absolute minimum for example, integrate vacation days and additional access levels to the system and more, bespoke time management software is always the first choice to consider.
There are certain things only made possible with a high quality technical company and excellent bespoke web-based time tracking software: listing employees or contracts according to their location, integrating higher rank users such as managers into the system, cut data entry errors, customize automated software time tracking reports and incorporate swift built-in file sharing/conversation options among users within your tracking software can save a company up to millions of pounds a year, as these all fall under that category. Furthermore, custom web-based software time tracking has even more advantages, as it can even enable you to manage your business remotely, hire contractors remotely etc while potentially increasing overall convenience by tenfold.

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What is exactly bespoke time tracking software?

As opposed to a generic product aimed to reach a universal and immediate public rather than fully serve clients’ requirements, truly efficient and ideal bespoke time tracking software of the kind we deliver is centered on your business and not around it. This latter type can extend beyond just standalone, timesheets recording and static reports generating time tracking software as well as the off-the-shelf product not ideally integrating into your business. Instead, it can be developed to accommodate your precise instructions and operational necessities while being enhanced with custom functions and aimed to smoothly be integrated into your specific billing, project management, accounting systems etc.

If you’re looking to gain operational edge over the competition and finally get your business and employees truly going, Magic Web Solutions is the rational choice. High-value and bespoke time tracking software is our specialty.

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