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Thank you all for posting to our contest. A few people have entered interesting ideas. We especially liked: Garden Plant Identifier by timfisher; Move Anywhere, Work from Any PC by Developer; News at your fingertips by Dave; Time-lapse that answers the BIG question by IBScipio; Our special thanks to people who posted multiple ideas: Developer, IBscipio.

Our winner is: 'NappKIN' - Mobile/Tablet based childrens virtual character by Heybridge1, although there are many "virtual character" type games from kids, they could benefit more from networking element, moderation by teachers and encouraging purples to learn - something that Heybridge1 have suggested.

We invite a winner contact us for a prize.

Our competition is closed, but we left a form below running so you can still post your ideas for general discussion and feedback.

We will run a new contest soon with a more attractive prize. It might be "Internet start up ideas" or maybe something else. Please enter your e-mail address in the form on the right to get notified.

Thank you for visiting!

Competition closes end on the 1st of March 2011. Read our rules

Magic Web Solution's "Web Application Ideas Contest" is an open call for creativity and new ideas to flow into the market. Post your own original idea and have a chance to win a Kindle

Every Internet user (whether for business or personal use) is finding that web-driven technologies are enhancing their daily lives. With this contest, we are opening the doors for people to express ways in which web applications can continue to improve the way we do things

We encourage everyone to contribute to this collection of ideas. Software developers, web developers, business people, and consumers are all welcome. This is a global call and we anticipate that many of the ideas will be beneficial to the overall growth and daily use of the Internet.

Contributing to the contest is easy and the rules are simple. Be creative and post your own original ideas. The winner will be selected on the 15th of March, 2011 by a panel of judges and receive an Amazon Kindle.

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