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Component Flow Management System

The Client

Bosch-Saratov is a branch of the Bosch Group. Based in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation, it manufactures ignition plugs and other components for the automotive industry.

The Development Challenge

Bosch-Saratov needed an application for the overall management of their components flow. This application needed to monitor the life cycle of each component, along with the circulation of corresponding documents.

This required the inclusion of features such as incoming and consumed parts monitoring; rejection rate calculation; printed boards assembly control; automatic generation of reports; preparing documentation for customs clearance, etc.

The system database had to be accessed by three groups of users based in two cities.
1. Administrators needed to edit data, and add names of components and types of printed boards to database.
1. Board assembly managers needed to retrieve and update data concerning incoming and consumed components, calculate rejection rate, control printed boards assembly, and view reports automatically created by the system.
3. Shipping managers needed to complete bills of parcels and automatically generate customs clearance documents.

Why Magic Web?

Magic Web Solutions are highly experienced in developing management systems. The developers combine an astute understanding of corporate objectives and business processes with specialist skills in developing database-driven, web-based applications. With a track record in building advanced frameworks, the company already possesses an extensive depository of reliable, ready-made code that has been tested in over 40 web-based applications.

The Result

Working closely with the client, Magic Web concluded that a web application represented the best route forward, as it provides the easiest means of accessing complex data. Using PHP 4.0 and MySQL, Magic Web then developed the application from scratch. This comprised system components such as database, core business logic, and user screens and reports.

While the user-friendly interface is feature-rich, the navigation is simple and intuitive. Users can easily access any page or feature as required.

Client Testimonial

Alexej Borzenko of Bosch-Saratov confirms that migration to the new application has been successful.

“We are very happy with the software that Magic Web has created for us. Actually, it perfectly meets our requirements and helps us to cope with the problems we face. The Magic Web team supports the software promptly and precisely to our demand. I am sure that our collaboration will continue and that the software will be extended to meet future needs.”

Alexej Borzenko