Case Studies

Web-based IT solution for Big Property Marketing

Big Property Marketing (BPM) offers management consultancy, finance, marketing, PR, property marketing and photography services to estate agents and private vendors. Its core service is Property Preview, a new professional photography, floor plan and virtual tour service.

BPM needed a complete IT solution that would include content management, workflow, CRM, HR and financial subsystems.

This project required a skill base crossing over many programming disciplines. Magic Web Solutions (MWS) were able to provide these in the form of a highly experienced dedicated developer team. MWS were also open to a flexible pricing strategy that perfectly suited an Internet start-up; BPM benefited from a monthly budget well below that offered by other development agencies, rising only when a certain threshold of returns from the system was achieved.

The initial functionality of the application has been launched after three months’ work. Big Property Marketing’s major competitors spent two years to reach a similar stage, at over double the monthly IT budget.

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Totality—Workflow automation

Totality Limited offers a wide range of services to companies in the property development sector, including consultancy, management and marketing.

Totality needed a solution which would provide them easy access to a database enabling them to manage client & property data and, furthermore, one which would allow their clients to manage their customer information.

Magic Web having a wealth of experience in developing web-based office automation systems with CRM functionality implemented a scalable solution that can be updated easily and incorporate new features quickly.

The system was launched in April 2007and succeeds as an effective business tool.

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Web Applications for Yava Limited—an Interactive Kiosk Company

Yava Limited sets up Internet kiosks featuring a wide range of media content, including sport, news, shopping, reviews and betting.

The company was seeking to extend its services by adding a web-based e-mail system, online chat and a number of discussion forums. Yava required a complete bespoke solution that could be easily customised and re-branded for its customers.

Magic Web Solutions offered a true end-to-end development solution, with all requirements met and delivered within set deadlines. Yava Limited benefited from low daily rates, highly experienced developers and a flexible approach to web application development.

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Bosch-Saratov: Component Flow Management System

Bosch-Saratov is a branch of the Bosch Group, based in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation. It manufactures spark plugs and other components for the automotive industry.

Bosch-Saratov needed an application for the overall management of their components flow. This application needed to monitor the life cycle of each component, along with the circulation of corresponding documents. Different users needed to access required information from different locations.

Working closely with the client, Magic Web Solutions concluded that a web application represented the best route forward. A user-friendly interface was developed for this feature-rich application whereby users can easily access any page or feature as required.

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Rapid Companies: Online Company Formation Service

Rapid Companies are international business formation specialists, providing first-class company formation solutions and corporate banking services. As one of their core services, Rapid Companies provide same-day electronic UK company incorporations and registration services. To achieve a comprehensive same-day service, an application was needed that would combined speed and efficiency with usability. A focus on end-user needs was fundamental to a successful design.

Magic Web Solutions developed a website that fulfils all the required functions while offering high levels of usability.

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eButtonz: E-commerce Dreamweaver Extension Project

eButtonz was developed as a collaboration project between MoltenGold Ltd and Magic Web Solutions. MoltenGold deliver an integrated set of products and services to enable web-based e-commerce. MoltenGold wanted to take their product forward by developing a Dreamweaver extension for eButtons. This seemed an attractive option, since most web agencies use Dreamweaver as their web authoring application. It would also attract additional users by publishing extensions at Macromedia Exchange and other sites that list extensions and plug-ins.

That is when Magic Web Solutions joined in. We agreed to do the extension on a share of profit basis, passing the benefit to our partner to save on development cost initially, and opening another channel of promotion for their E-commerce system.

Magic Web Solutions proved to be the ideal partner, due to the team’s high level of programming skills and experience with e-commerce packages. Magic Web Solutions agreed to develop the extension on a profit-share basis. This meant that MoltenGold benefited from initial savings on development costs, while new income streams were opened up through the increased promotion of their system.

read full case study—Friends Reunion Web Site is a German friends reunion site, similar to, the popular UK site. The client company, Delteca eDesign and Marketing Consulting Ltd, possessed a very limited project budget, and was seeking a developer that could complete this site within a tight timeframe.

The project was completed within the specified budget required by Delteca: Magic Web Solutions successfully implemented the popular web site four weeks after initial contact was made. Ongoing support and development for this site is available if the client requests it, but as yet no problems have been experienced.

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Art Industri—Free Artist Portal

In 2001, Marc Doyle, a UK-based artist and designer, had the idea of setting up a website to encourage students and amateur artists to exchange their artistic ideas and views. Artists who registered for the site would be able to upload images of their work, along with descriptions and prices, and send the images as e-cards. They could also contribute articles to the “Art Magazine” section, and access a resource of art history articles in a section titled “Movements”.

The Art Industri website had to be an easily scalable portal application that was cost-effective to develop and maintain. It clearly needed a large amount of complicated functionality, with many interactive features. The artists’ portfolio functions had to upload images, statements and contact information, and allow editing of the same. Additional community functions were to include a bulletin board, a guestbook and favourite links.

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