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Magic Web Solutions is a database development company that has offices in Dartford, Kent, and Guildford, Surrey.

Our development team builds database applications from scratch and we re-build, support and extend existing database systems.
High security, performance and scalability are typical requirements of the projects we’ve done.

Our database developers understand “mission critical”—we provide ongoing support and development for all our database solutions as well as hosting. In fact, most of our clients in the UK rely completely on database applications in their day-to-day operation.

Our database development team is also experienced in creating an interactive front end using AJAX, Flash and Flex.

Typical Database Projects

Many database development projects involve the re-development of a client’s existing systems. Those systems can be any combination of MS Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and off-the-shelf or custom-built tools.

As many of our clients in the UK have discovered, the new integrated database application would handle all required aspects to automate your business process and typically includes:

  • User-friendly forms to enter data
  • Business logic to manipulate data on the fly
  • Various on-line reports
  • Data export facilities
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Managed access to information based on user roles
  • Full history of data changes (audit trail)
  • Built-in data integrity mechanisms

Recent Database Projects

You can find Recent Database Projects in our portfolio.

You can also refer to case studies and services sections to learn more about database development solutions we have designed for our clients in the UK.

Our key strengths:

Our development team is highly agile and flexible and we share your definition of success.

Our productivity is second to none: by sticking to the same design patterns, technologies and approaches on all projects and working in small development teams (2-5 people that can be as productive a team of 10 or even 20) we can beat in-house, on-shore and off-shore set-ups in the UK.

We understand that in the current business environment there is no such thing as a fixed scope or rigid plans.  But we also recognise the constraint on resources, which is a reality of running any businessin the UK. In the world of unlimited options and just one outcome, you can rest assured that our development team will guide you down the right path for the technical side of your business.

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