Online company formation application

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The Client—

Rapid Companies are international business formation specialists, providing first class company formation solutions and corporate banking solutions. As one of their core services, Rapid Companies provide same-day, electronic UK company incorporations and registration services.

The Development Challenge

To achieve a comprehensive same-day service, an application was needed that would combined speed and efficiency with usability. A focus on end-user needs was fundamental to a successful design.

Users of the Rapid Companies website needed to be able to search the Companies House database to check availability of their chosen company name before selecting a company structure, or a pre-defined package. After submitting complex registration information, they next needed to submit payment for the registration process.

Rapid Companies’ staff needed to complete content management tasks, such as performing complex searches, saving search filters, creating email lists and utilising mail merge functions. Additionally, account management tools were required, enabling staff to view and edit registrations, manage reseller and user accounts, and view usage statistics.

Why Magic Web?

Magic Web Solutions are highly experienced in developing database-driven applications that combine a straightforward interface for the end-user with a back-end system.

The Result

Magic Web developed a website that fulfils all the required functions while offering high levels of usability.

The registration tool exemplifies user-friendliness. The site swiftly performs an automatic search of the Companies House database to ensure availability of the user’s chosen company name.

A key feature is that functional requirements are structured in a Windows Explorer tree, enabling the end-user to navigate and enter information in the order they choose. For example, the process of incorporating a company can be completed in separate sessions, allowing the user to leave to seek out further information as required.

Completion of each stage of the registration process is flagged with a green tick, so the user can easily track their own progress. At the checkout stage, a screen indicates any registrations that are still outstanding and prompts the user to enter missing details.

For system administrators, Magic Web Solutions have developed an effective web-based management screen, making required tasks extremely straightforward.

Client Testimonial

“Rapid Companies wanted to deliver a service that would allow people to incorporate their businesses without experiencing difficulty or confusion. Magic Web Solutions understood what we needed from the very start and played a key role in developing the right application. The response that we have received from clients has been excellent…”

“Using the service is so easy ! I was expecting to have to complete one long form after another but it was so quick and foolproof. If I did not have all the information with me there was no problem, I just came back the next day and finished registering then”.

David Costain, South Yorkshire
“I had no experience of incorporating a company so I was a little nervous about what I needed to do. Rapid Companies made it so painless for me. It was not as complex as I thought and everything that I needed was there, including advice on banking issues and a guide to the terminology that is used. I would definitely recommend it!”
Mark Hawksworth, Leicester

“My first user friendly web site ! All the hard work was taken care of for me, I only had to click the mouse a few times and the job was done!! Why can’t everything on the web be this straightforward”.
Louise Debsworth, Edinburgh