A CRM and Reporting solution for Totality Limited—property marketing and consultancy company

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The Client

Totality Limited offers a wide range of services to companies in the property development sector, including consultancy, management and marketing.
Totality’s clients include Ontario Tower, Pan Peninsula and Airpoint amongst many other prestigious companies.

The Development Challenge

Totality needed a solution which would provide them easy access to a database enabling them to manage client & property data and, furthermore, one which would allow their clients to manage their customer information.

Necessary core components:

  • access to the database through a web-based interface
  • a customisable form for people to register their interest in a particular development
  • the form would need to be easily integrated into a client’s site and enable customer contact details to be submitted directly to the database.

Why Magic Web?

Magic Web has a wealth of experience in developing web-based office automation systems with CRM functionality. The highly qualified development team guarantees a rapid implementation and a scalable solution that can be updated easily and incorporate new features quickly.

A flexible pricing strategy allows Totality to select the most convenient way to pay for the core functionality and amendments.

The Result

The touchspace customer relationship management system (CRM) is used by Totality staff and their clients for:

  • storing information about development companies and their property developments
  • tracking customers who express an interest in buying a particular property.

The overall benefit is that it allows for easy organisation and management of information across different levels. Both Totality’s clients and their customers have quick and easy access to the relevant property information and sales leads are easily followed up.

The system was launched in April 2007 and in two months gathered information on more than 500 contacts.

The application fulfils all the requirements and succeeds as an effective business tool.


The touchspace system was built using the following high-level technologies for enterprise web applications:

  • Java
  • JSP
  • Hibernate
  • Struts

Client Testimonial

Totality’s Project Manager writes:
“With their helpful and proactive approach, working with MWS to create our data capture and reporting application has been straightforward and easy. They managed our expectations by providing a realistic time scale and budget, and delivered on time and on budget! We look forward to continuing to develop the CRM with them”.