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Web mail application for interactive kiosk company

The Client

Yava Limited sets up Internet kiosks featuring a wide range of media content, including sport, news, shopping, reviews and betting. The kiosks employ high end IBM business PC’s with Windows 2000 and other bespoke management software. The content is Flash driven and gives the user an extremely enjoyable experience.

The company was seeking to extend its services by adding web based e-mail systems to its range of websites.

The Development Challenge

This particular project required a skill base crossing over many programming disciplines including XML, Java, PHP, Flash and html.
Yava required a complete system, including server modules in C++, interface, using DHTML and Flash interfaces. Additionally, the company needed a web-based administration interface that would allow them to modify users accounts, monitor system performance and view usage statistics.

Why Magic Web?

Magic Web offered a true end-to-end development solution, with all requirements met and delivered within a single team. Yava Limited benefited from low daily rates, highly experienced developers, and a flexible approach to web application development.

Magic Web’s effectively managed virtual collaboration offered greater efficiency, with the cost savings enabling more developers to work on the project. The larger team brought a wider range of disciplines to the table, leading to a reduced time to market.

The Result

Magic Web Solutions built a complete system including server modules in C++, interface, using DHTML and Flash. The client, Anthony P Martin, Chief Technology Officer with Yava Ltd, expresses satisfaction with both the development process and the outcome.

“So many projects go out of control, simply because too many companies get involved. I felt that Magic Web’s approach was much cleaner and offered more assurances”.
Working on this project also enabled Magic Web Solutions to build upon its experience in building and improving web mail systems.

Client Testimonial

“Magic Web’s online project management programme allowed me to follow the development phases step by step. Any issues or problems I had were duly logged on this system and promptly resolved. This approach meant that I experienced no difficulties with the language barrier. Magic Web provided me with an English-speaking project manager who was available throughout the project”.

Anthony P H Martin