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Bug tracking is inevitable when creating new software solutions. Web development services can’t go without it.

Quality bug tracking software answering your project(s) and team’s necessities is vital for effective QA testing throughout all relevant stages of development, but generic bug tracking tools targeting the mass-market is not. We offer you excellent bespoke web-based bug tracking software tailored for your exact project and operational requirements from security and interface to usability.

We here at Magic Web Situations specialize bespoke web development, as we understand your project, developers and workflow can’t be ‘fitted’ into off-the-shelf products.

Our finished bug tracking software can be either hosted by us or installed on your servers, as it is built on an existing framework/platform application with generic functions and workflows already in place, according to your exact specifications and requirements. You are guaranteed to receive the absolute maximum and greatest value for your investment.

Bug tracking can be managed with our web based project collaboration software.

For effective QA testing, bug tracking…

Your operation requires custom software centered on it as well as the development and quality assurance procedures involved. This is exactly the type we deliver and have delivered for a long array of clients, but before you can get your project off the ground you need to consider more than just one element.

When you’re building bespoke web-based bug tracking and quality assurance software there are several factors to take into account, including customised and customisable defect data gathering fields. Instead of having to use the often times insufficient predefined set of fields, or data gathering criteria of an off-the-shelf bug tracking software for example, you can incorporate all the fields required for your operation, your customization options as well as your bug classification terminology e.g. bug priority and severity degrees, also known as values.

In addition to establishing data collection fields, bug classification, relevant customization capacities etc, bespoke web-base software also allows you to maximize quality assurance productivity and usability. You can also set desired field associations such as Version and Data to organize bug lists according to your specifications etc. An additional aspect of building an online bug tracking system is user access, modification history user-interface, or UI. With Magic Web Solutions for instance you can tailor your software all the way down to display font, user access and custom bug changing history logs, enabling you to maximize yield and productivity from almost every standpoint. Thanks to customized activity logs, among other things, containing the list of specific updates implemented to it, certain issues and even relevant comments, you can potentially cut hundreds of hours’ of unnecessary quality assurance and QA testing and improve the process on the broader spectrum.

All of the above along with real-time notifications, a simple and time-cutting UI, various access levels divided according to given projects, vacancy etc; specially made interface as well as custom-made reports generated according to your requirements and more, bespoke web-based bug tracking software has a lot of benefits; all of which we can effectively deliver to your software development project, and implement effectively.

Yield raising and high-value web development is our specialty, particularly delivering you outstanding results and investment-returning figures alongside quality bespoke web-based bug tracking software, implanted into existing mechanism flawlessly.
Interested in learning more about how Magic Web Solution can enhance your project’s bug tracking and quality assurance procedures as well as your entire operation? Please feel free to contact us for an initial discussion, consultation or even a piece of advice.

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