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Friends Reunion Web Site

The Client is a German friends reunion site, similar to, the popular UK site. The client company, Delteca eDesign and Marketing Consulting Ltd, possessed a very limited project budget, and was seeking a developer that could complete this site within a tight timeframe.

Why Magic Web?

Delteca, based in Achen, Germany, initially contacted Magic Web Solutions via a Flash-related discussion forum. Magic Web were able to work to the specified deadlines, and offered Delteca the budgetary advantage gained through remote working and a ‘virtual relationship’.

After initial e-mail correspondence, followed up with a short telephone conversation, the specification, project timeline and cost estimates were set up. Magic Web set up a strong communications structure and allocated a team leader with overall responsibility for the project. Delivering an ongoing schedule of project updates, this manager ensured that all information and advice requests were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Alkis Demetriou, of Delteca eDesign and Marketing Consulting Ltd, was extremely satisfied with this working relationship.

“We had a very limited budget for this project, and were looking for a developer, who could complete this work in time. I had some reservations regarding remote work at the beginning, but after working with Magic Web I do not see this as a problem any more.”

The Result

The project was completed within the specified budget required by Delteca: Magic Web Solutions successfully implemented the popular web site shortly after initial contact was made. Ongoing support and development for this site is available if the client requests it, but as yet no problems have been experienced.

Client Testimonial

Alkis Demetriou praises the Magic Web team:

“The developers who worked on my project were more than friendly and always ready to provide help and assistance, sometimes beyond the scope of the project. We are so delighted with Magic Web Solutions’ work that we have decided to complete all of our projects with them. We could not have found a better team.”

“I would recommend Magic Web to any company requiring web application development.”

Alkis Demetriou
Delteca eDesign and Marketing Consulting Ltd, Achen, Germany