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e-commerce Dreamweaver extension project

The Client

eButtonz is a low cost, remotely hosted shopping cart application. It generates a special “buy” buttons code which can be cut and pasted into application users’ web pages. These buttons link to a catalogue stored at eButtonz.com.

eButtonz was developed as a collaboration project between MoltenGold Ltd and Magic Web Solutions. MoltenGold deliver an integrated set of products and services to enable web-based e-commerce. Their high-quality but reasonably priced products are simple, elegant, complete and effective, and eButtonz compares favourably with similar products on the market.

The Development Challenge

MoltenGold wanted to take their product forward by developing a Dreamweaver extension for eButtons. This seemed an attractive option, since most web agencies use Dreamweaver as their web authoring application. It would also attract additional users by publishing extensions at Macromedia Exchange and other sites that list extensions and plug-ins.

However, as is the case with small web development agencies, MoltenGold possessed insufficient in-house resources and expertise to complete the project within an acceptable timescale.

Why Magic Web?

Magic Web proved to be the ideal partner, due to the team’s high level of programming skills and experience with e-commerce packages. Magic Web agreed to develop the extension on a profit-share basis. This meant that MoltenGold benefited from initial savings on development costs, while new income streams were opened up through the increased promotion of their system.

In this relationship, MoltenGold Ltd and Magic Web Solutions took full advantage of online communications to work closely but from different locations. This virtual “collaboration”, based on Magic Web?s own messaging system and project management web site, proved highly effective.

The Result

With an existing interest in e-commerce projects, Magic Web were impressed by the high level of usability and the well-designed application logic. Drawing on their development expertise, they developed and integrated the extension with the existing web application. The development was an extremely involved process, but the partnership achieved excellent results within the projected timescale. The extension was launched, as planned, on 1st March 2002.

MoltenGold has already received positive feedback from a number of extension users. Additional promotion has already been secured: the eButtonz extension was featured and distributed with the April issue of Internet Works Magazine.

Chris Finney, Head of Design at MoltenGold Ltd, says: “We were very impressed by the technical abilities of the Magic Web team. We strongly recommend the company and will certainly work with them again”.

After finishing successfully the eButtonz project Magic Web Solutions and MoltenGold worked on many other web related projects.

Client Testimonial

Chris Finney, of MoltenGold Ltd, writes:

“We have always been positively inclined towards “virtual” collaboration. We believe this offers us the ability to work with quality developers anywhere on the globe. We were extremely pleased with the way the eButtonz project developed. This approach saved time and money for all concerned”.

“The quality and speed of Magic Web’s response was excellent. Communication was very good and the team’s level of English is excellent. We did have one or two occasions where misunderstandings arose, but these were quickly resolved”.

“Magic Web’s on-line collaboration system was also helpful. We found the messaging system very good, although the web site does not work for the Macintosh platform.”

“Above all, we were very impressed by the technical abilities of the Magic Web team. We strongly recommend the company and will certainly work with them again”.

Chris Finney