Data Development 2017: How to Find a Good Database Developer and Profit from Your Data

When looking for a database developer it is easy to make the mistake of underestimating the importance of your data. Indeed, it is only by understanding the huge importance of this commodity that you can be expected to make a smart decision in this respect.

Once you see how crucial it is to understand, sustain and use your data it should be a lot clearer why you need to make a great choice of developer.

Why Data Is Important

You may have heard a lot lately about big data, that data is a new currency and how data is the new oil. Basically, every business needs data to make decisions and to grow, but not everyone handles their information well enough to truly take advantage of it.

With recent advances in computing, it is now possible to analyse vast quantities of information in order to reach solid conclusions. Therefore, capturing and retaining the right data is a vital first step to be taken.

Giant, data-driven corporations like Facebook, Apple and Google hold massive quantities of data but it has been calculated then only around a fifth of the data held across the planet is on the internet. The rest is held on private databases.

It is the quality of these databases and how they are utilised that will go a long way to determining the future success of most businesses. Even if you aren’t planning on taking over the world anytime some, being a data-rich company that is able to draw on large quantities of reliable data is a must these days.

How to Find a Good Database Developer

Bearing the previous point in mind, it is clearly a good idea to get a database developer you can trust to do a fantastic job. So, what are the main factors to take into account when working out which one to choose?

  • A range of skills. Ideally, you will want a developer who has a broad enough skill-set to handle whatever you need done. Not every company has the same needs when it comes to their database development, so it is important to understand whether a developer has the skills you are looking for. Do they have the right mixture of data science, mathematics and computer science skills?
  • Comfortable with different tools. Do you need an SQL database, an Oracle database or an IBM DM2 database? You might not know the difference,  but a good database developer will, and will let you know why one choice stands out as being your best option. They should be comfortable with data modelling, data mapping, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other relevant tools.
  • Good level of experience. As with most jobs you need done, it is best to get in an experienced developer who can point to a solid track record of success. Have they ever build a database of the size and complexity that you now need? Do they have an impressive portfolio and many satisfied customers?
  • Great to deal with. It is easy to focus too much on the technical side of database development, though. While the points we have already looked at are crucial, so is the human side of the relationship. If you find a developer you are comfortable dealing with and exchanging ideas with then you will feel a lot more confident of getting the results you crave.

Problems with the Freelancer Option

In many cases, using a freelancer can appear to be the best option. Certainly, it may be the cheapest approach but what about the results that you can expect from this kind of database developer?

There are a few reasons for believing that using a freelancer is a move that could backfire on you.

  • A less secure option. There is undoubtedly a big difference between using a professional database development agency and an individual freelancer. The security offered by a well-respected firm will give you tremendous peace of mind that your data and your systems are safe.
  • No guarantees. Will the freelancer finish the job on time or will they disappear? While they are many wonderful freelancers out there, there is always the risk that you choose one who leaves you hanging if they get offered a better job or don’t know what to do next.
  • A lack of teamwork. It can also hurt your project to have just one person working on it in isolation. On the other hand, if you can count on a team that works together then there is far more chance of them finding solutions and giving you exactly what you need.
  • Small scale solutions. It isn’t always the case, but there is definitely the risk that a freelancer gives you a small scale solution when what you need are industrial scale solutions. You need someone who will deliver a solution that fits your scale and is secure.

Here at Magic Web Solutions we love data, just as we love finding the perfect solution for each client. You can trust us to look after your data and provide a database that gives you exactly what you need.

We treat each client as an individual and give them the solutions that they need using our “Analysis, Design, Test and Repeat” process. If you want a database developer with a human touch then you can count on us.

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