A Content delivery and Reporting solution for Flixmedia Limited—online video provider

The FlixFacts application is a customisable video distribution channel used by world-renowned vendors and online retailers throughout Europe & the USA, such as Dabs, John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon, Sony, Toshiba, CompUSA and many more. Video is being delivered to the customer via a content delivery network (CDN).
Flixmedia is now also providing extended media content such as additional product info in text and graphical format entered manually or via data feed by external provider, and we built this extension following traditional to the system deep customisation approach.
The back-end of Flixfacts is interfaces used by company staff and their clients. Both user groups use an intuitive multi-lingual reporting tool providing a convenient interface for accessing statistics, and company staff also have access to an easy-to-use management system for maintaining customers’ data and products, and billing system.
As a side-project we have also developed FlixTV—a one-page Ajax website for quick and easy access to all video clips.