A website for a property developer

The solution consists of two major components: a database-driven property search with map routing; and a CMS-driven (content management system) website.
This is a project implemented in partnership with our client Totality UK Ltd, who supplied us with the website design and functional requirements. INplace is a client of Totality, who has been using The touchspace system, a CRM (contact relationship management) system for property developers, developed and implemented by Magic Web Solutions as well.
INplace manages property and property data via an admin panel that was developed as an add-on for The touchspace database. Website visitors can search for properties using property search on the website. There is a facility to see the search result with a corresponding short description and images on the Google map.
Each page of the website has an editable version that allows INplace to manage page content and see the result immediately.
The website has a contact form, powered by touchspace, for people to register their interest in a particular property.