The Search for a Good Java Developer Made Easy

Of course, it is clear that choosing a quality Java coder is an important step for your development. Whether you are a startup looking to create a prototype or an existing business looking to move onto the next level, the right move here will bring you huge rewards later on.

So, why is it so difficult for so many companies n it comes to searching for java developer and how can you find a solution that suits you?

The Problem

If you are currently struggling to get a Java software developer on-board then it can be a hugely frustrating experience all round. You want to move the project ahead but without the right Java developer this is simply impossible.

Having an exciting project stuck on hold because of the lack of Java coding skills is obviously a massive problem that could see you lose ground against your competitors. However, by moving on to look at the root causes of this issue you can start to find ways of getting round it.

The Root Causes of the Java Developer Shortage

The first issue we need to consider is that there is always a high level of demand for the best Java developers. Your company is far from being the only one that needs a coding expert to help out, meaning that there are often situations in which there is more demand than supply in the market.

This abundance of work means that the best developers can afford to choose the jobs that most interest them. If you have a fairly dull Java project then this is going to make it even more difficult to attract the kind of talent that you need.

In addition, many of the best developers are comfortable using more than one programming language and it could be that Java isn’t the one that most interests them. Even if they are comfortable programming in Java they might never seriously consider this type of work anymore.

How to Attract the Right Talent

Ideally, you will be able to attract top developers to your project by making it interesting and attractive. If they are going to be working on your project for a long time then they will be looking for a challenge that excites them.

If the developer is more interested in other programming languages then you could try enticing them by giving them an idea of other projects that they might also be able to do for you after your Java development work is complete.

You should also be looking for unique selling points that you can use in your favour. For instance, if you are a small firm then you can offer a developer lots of autonomy and the chance to make a real difference, while a bigger firm may point out the opportunities that they can provide for getting involved in large projects in different areas.

Consider the Cultural Fit

Does the culture in your company make a certain developer seem like a good fit? This is one of the most important elements of all, yet it is easy to overlook it when you are more interested in issues such as their knowledge of Java web frameworks.

A good freelance Java developer or a developer from a web development company who fits right in to your culture will feel good about the work and will also be easier for you to deal with. This means that it is important to talk about your overall culture and your mission statement while looking for some sort of feedback from them.

By taking your time over this aspect you will also run less risk of upsetting the balance of your existing team. Indeed, you should use the strength and unity of your team as another selling point to get the right talent in.

Verifying Their Skills

It is also important to bear in mind that it can be difficult to verify the skill of a Java programmer based only on a small sample of code that they have written. Of course, it is important that you find out enough about their technical experience and knowledge to safely entrust your job to them.

Even a fairly long interview and test can leave something to be desired when it comes to establishing the person’s ability to do what you need done in respect of Java web development. You can ask them a number of open questions or go into a lot of details but this may end up leading to a longer and more complex interview than you are not prepared to go through.

Because of this, it makes sense to get in touch with an agency that you trust. In this way, they will find someone who matches your Java application needs and whose skills have been proven on other projects handled by the agency.

Whatever type of Java developer you need, you will find them at Magic Web Solutions. Make your life easier by getting in touch with us to choose the ideal developer for your needs.

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